How to Make a Minecraft Resource Pack

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How to Make a Minecraft Resource Pack without any additional tool, how everybody you want to own your craft. one of my favorite things about Minecraft is that you can use resource packs to change the game. it’s a really easily built-in thing to the client that doesn’t really require any coding or modding or anything

I have to do is drop a file into Minecraft and then BAM the whole game looks completely different.

How to Make a Minecraft Resource Pack

now, how do you make your own resource packs you may think that you need some special program or some special knowledge, but everything is actually built into the files already given to you by Minecraft so let’s jump in and make your own template to start building your own resource pack.

so the first thing that you’re going to want to do is head on over to your launch options right here and find the version of Minecraft that you’re going to want to be editing and go ahead and click on that version.

so I’m going to do this one dot 11.2 and then you’ll see this game directory right here and it kind of has this long path to your dot Minecraft folder

there’s an arrow just pass the folder and if you click that it will actually open up the folder that that directory is in it’s much easier to go there than it is to type App Data percent up data and then go to my graph Lalala to difficult this is much easier in the new

launcher now you’re going to want to go to versions and find the version again that you’re going to want to be editing this one is one dot 11.2 go ahead and open that up and you’ll see a JSON file and a jar file this jar file you’re going to want to copy that and then go make another folder for you to work in to create your pack

now I’m just going to go ahead and put it right here in the Minecraft folder and I’m only doing that just because we’re kind of already here

any way you could make this in the desktop or really anywhere that you want so once you’ve made that head and paste that same file that you got before it’s going to do it and they have to refresh for it to show up and then you’re going to need to use another type of program to extract this jar and I like to use 7-zip the 7-zip right here

I like to use it because it can extract rar zit can zip up bars it can do all sorts of stuff and it also adds some nice handy shortcuts right here in the menu because all I have to do is do this extract too and in quotes, it’s going to name a folder already for me

so I don’t have to do really anything it’s just a that’s just a handy tip of my favorite zipping application so we’ll let it unzip here and it’s finished and so we have this one dot 11.2 area and all of this is what runs Minecraft in the jar but we only need one folder and that is this assets folder so I’m going to do control a to select

Minecraft resource pack creator online

everything in this folder and then I’m going to unselect that file and then we can go ahead and delete all of it now inside of this assets folder you have a Minecraft folder and you have all of these different things now inside of here you’re going to find a lot of JSON file so this you might think Oh models block models is what I want well these JSON files are what tells Minecraft

how the outside structure of a block should be a lot of these if you’re to open this up will just end inside textures and it’s a cube and that’s all it is it’s just a block

basically but you can change this you’ve seen resource packs that might have a park that has detail and block detail into it and things like that well naming these JSON files and editing these JSON files is what does that if you want to get to the actual textures it’s just the single file down

Minecraft texture pack customizer

here that says textures and then you have all of the blocks in here you have some doors now they’re very small because of course Minecraft Apk is a very small game so these are not very large it’s kind of funny in fact just how Eddie bitty they are but let’s find

something that we can edit like let’s say this brick dot PNG let’s go ahead and edit that so that we can show that this is actually going to edit something and it’s itty bitty sorry my Photoshop is not quite sized correctly but that doesn’t matter all

we’re going to do is add this sort of a sideways black line to it and we’ll be able to tell that this is changed that’s some red over

here let’s add a red little smiley face there we go amazing to go ahead and save that and closeout of Photoshop and this brick texture should be updated

Next Steps to customize

now that we have edited our texture pack there are a few steps that we need to take in order to make sure that this will actually show up in our game first we’re going to create a new text document don’t rename it just yet but you are going to edit this text document and you’re going to add out just an itty-bitty amount of code

let me grab that code this should be in the description below and all it says is that this is a pack this is packed format number three and the description of it now this pack format number three is actually very important

if this is a pack that was that is going to be used in 1.9 or before 1.9 so 1.8 or 7 it’s packed format number 1 if it’s going to be made for 1.10 it needs to be packed format 2 and currently for 1.11 is packed format 3 you’re watching this video after 1.11 I would suggest checking the link in the description it goes to the Minecraft Wiki will which will explain any additional pack formats go ahead and save that and close that out and we need to rename this is right now

a text and that is no good so once you rename it to make sure you actually grab the txt at the back of the name and name this pack dot MC meta in C stands for Minecraft and meta stands for metadata I assume and hit enter and the windows will tell you are you sure

you’re going to change your changing the way from txt I’m like I don’t know what this file is you say yes and it’ll become a file that doesn’t look really like anything next you can add an image that is a 128 pixel by 128 pixel PNG file and I already have one made for this pack

so let me go ahead and add it refresh there it is and it looks like that it’s that little oMG Kraft logo anybody down there so now we have our assets which we have changed around and obviously if you were creating your own texture pack you would change a little bit more than I did now we have our pack dot MC meta

so that the game can actually read that this is a texture pack and we have an icon and those are the base things that you need in order to set up a pack now in order to get this into a zip grab these three files and using 7-zip you can say add to the archive and then we can name this archive anything we want

Resource pack

I’m going to name it my pack you can name it anything you want to hit enter and it’s going to zip it up and there it is now one thing that you want to make sure is that if you open this zip you have you’re given the assets the pack and the pack icon right there in the first folder

something that you might want that you need to avoid is I’m going to just go ahead and make a new folder here and then place all of these things into the folder and then refresh that and then zip this folder up at our time

we’re going to name it my second attack and you have a zip here now if you open this you can see that it’s inside of a folder this is no good you need this is

basically, the root of the zip is you need both all of these three things to be the first thing that you see when you open up the zip if it’s inside of a folder it’s not to work so now I’m going to go ahead and copy this go back into my Minecraft folder and remember if you’re having trouble finding that go over to your launcher go to launch options and click that little arrow and it’ll take you to the same place

you’re going to go find your resource packs folder already have a whole bunch of packs in here we’re going to go ahead and paste this in and there it is my pack has been added and let’s go ahead and launch Minecraft now inside of Minecraft and go to your options your resource packs and you can see my pack sip is here let’s move this over and hit done it’s going to load up the texture pack doesn’t take that much to load

we’ve already you know not a lot has been changed in Game and we can go and find the block that we changed which receives bricks and in fact, it even changed it on the brick slabs and you can see the splash that we created and the little happy face that we created you can even see that on top of the brick slab

so we just created a resource pack it doesn’t it’s not that exciting I’ll be real honest with you not incredibly exciting of a resource pack

but we did make our own and that is the steps you have everything on your computer except for maybe 7-zip you have everything on your computer right now to go ahead and make a resource pack of your own of course next step is to go crazy with customizing the textures the block JSON files all that to really make this pack your own I hope this is a great first step for somebody to make a great resource pack getting started can be the hardest part of any creative endeavor

Tutorials Creating a resource pack

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